You’ve heard it loads of times – “YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN ELEVATOR PITCH READY AT ALL TIMES!” But who in an elevator ever actually wants to hear any pitch? I understand that it’s all figurative, people are rarely in an elevator when elevator pitches are given. The major  problem with the idea of elevator pitches is this: there is no regard to the audience, their circumstances, or their willingness to listen. Elevator pitches assume that a captive audience is the best audience you will ever get. But that is simply a huge lie touted to salespeople in hopes that it will get them to market at any remote opportunity.

The truth is, the best marketing happens outside the captive audience, outside of obligation. The best marketing happens in the right context. Continue reading


This Feature Friday is dedicated to a woman who has inspired me so much in the past year!

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Okay, you’ve set aside some money, you can now purchase that expensive machine or that beautiful storefront… But how do you get yourself prepared for your new venture? What accounts do you open, and how do you manage and track expenses? Even if you’re a freelancer, money must be managed carefully and with attention to detail. Continue reading

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Ready? Say it with me…


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